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Create, develop and execute creative technical content strategies that provide the tools for your company to stay relevant among developers. Launch and manage projects that can be serviced by a talented pool of vetted writers or onboard your own preferred in-house writers.

Help tech companies showcase their products by providing informative and engaging technical articles that appeal to developers. Write on a range of different technical topics and creating the best possible written or visual content.

Content Strategist

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No more gig hunting, just create

We partner with top-tier clients looking for high-quality content and curate the best technical writing gigs across a range of technical topics. Say goodbye to the wasted gig-hunting days, while you watch your dashboard fill up with new and exciting work.

Familiar writing tools, without distractions

Our dashboard allows you to organize all your writing gigs in one place, integrating seamlessly with Google Docs. It greatly simplifies the writing process, allowing you to comment, add elements, format, and work in a distraction-free, full-screen mode.

get matched to the best suited content projects and manage work, payments and feedback at One place.

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"We would not hesitate to recommend them or to use them again"

We used Content Turbine to accelerate our developer marketing efforts in the early stages of building YugabyteDB, and the results were fantastic. The content they produce is top-notch, and their team of subject matter experts understand the tech space well. They knew exactly what we were looking for, put together a plan, and executed it! We would not hesitate to recommend them or to use them again.

Karthik Ranganathan

Founder of YugabyteDB

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